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Adina are not your usual house developer. It is our belief that family homes should give families the space to live and grow. We ensure that all of our homes are built on larger than average plots, so the inside and outside space is not just practical but enjoyable. Our mission is to build sustainable and energy efficient future proofed homes. 

To achieve this we design and engineer every aspect of our homes to incorporate energy efficient and energy saving equipment wherever possible. To compliment the equipment we also build using the ICF system to produce a highly insulated building. These two key features combined mean that Adina produces some of the most energy efficient homes in the UK.

The package of super insulation and energy saving equipment also gives all owners of an Adina home  an opportunity to live bill free & benefit from schemes such as the Smart Export Guarantee and earn an income from their home. 

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Our aim is to build houses that are energy proofed for years to come but also offer a great space for a family to grow. Want to find out more about Adina Developments and our homes? Take a look at our About Us page for the details…